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Depending on whether or not the life or physical integrity of others or others is directly endangered by a criminal offense, “criminal braking” can at least be considered as an offense (minor traffic offenses). Immediate danger means the danger of real and immediate harm to life and physical integrity. We work with top law firms, such as Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. to give our clients the best quality legal representation.

Use of The Camera

An on-board camera record can be used as evidence in a criminal or offense procedure, and may be supplemented by witness, external surveillance camera recordings. Thus, “criminal braking” is not only physically, but also legally, an extremely risky maneuver, especially if it creates an immediate emergency. Opting for the best lawyers is the best choice now. The Personal injury lawyers take care of these matters.

As far as the damages part of the case is concerned, in such a case the infringing party “cuts” in front of the other vehicle and loses its braking distance. If you brake too intensively and end up colliding as a result, you should be liable for the amount of damage caused to the extent that the party’s conduct is attributable to the accident. In the case you mentioned, this could be 100% charged to the other party. Account shall also be taken of the rule that the speed of the vehicle must be chosen within the speed limits referred to in paragraphs 1 to 3 in such a way that the driver is able to stop the vehicle within a reasonable distance and in front of obstacles between the two. As a result, in my opinion, the driver of the “punished” vehicle must also do everything in his power to avoid an accident. Caution should be exercised when detecting irregularities beyond what otherwise would be expected. A professional lawyer is all you need to have.

  • Of course, the Traffic Sign also clearly states that the vehicle must not be driven so slowly that it obstructs traffic.
  • In normal traffic, a situation may occur which forces the driver to apply emergency braking, which is inherent in driving. However, “criminal braking” is not included here, as the operator of the other vehicle, its driver and the obligatory insurer are liable for any resulting damage. The right law firm can offer you the best lawyer. The law firms are there for the perfect choice.

A significant proportion of accidents are caused by speeding. Many human lives have been lost or miserable for a long time due to our dear drivers who treated speed limits as something of an official recommendation and trusted their racing reflexes. You need an attorney for these works.

The Right Choice

Of course, there is a difference in the degree of danger depending on the speed of the speeding. Please note that speeding up to 20 Km / h will increase the stopping distance (about 20 meters on dry asphalt) as much as life and death. Yet where would the world be if drivers could override the reasonableness of the speed limit sign posted? This is totally unacceptable. It would be better to have a restrictive sign board unnecessarily and frustrate the 1000 drivers a day who walk around rather than let everyone go. The perfect works are done by the attorneys.

  • As far as the strict liability is concerned, it is really objective that the offense committed is not the driver’s primary concern. The operator is properly allowed by the law to be exempted. This is possible in a number of cases, one of which is when another has used the vehicle. Of course, this must be proved. The legislation assumes that the keeper has some idea of ​​who is using the vehicle outside. we guess it’s no different for you. Your neighbor, son, wife, colleague? No problem, you can justify who you handed over your car to and punish the actual rider. You don’t have to become a martyr. It’s your decision, if you want, you can be exempt, if you don’t, you won’t. It can be dealt with in other ways by the stakeholder and is no longer addressed by the authority. The legal supports are there.

The rule of law is affected in many ways, and we strongly agree with that. In my view, the system of sanctions for objective liability is, in my view, regulated in a European way. We didn’t invent it, we just introduced a long-running model in other countries. Note: In Hungary, speedboats can instantly view photos on the Internet, which is not at all a common option in other European countries (eg in advanced Austria, so we don’t have to go far). You need the best options there.

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